On the Seventh Day by Sarah L Dixon

I am not a silent poet

On the first day

the earth was stripped of coal,

the trees were burnt

for the good of the future.

A future that humans

will not inhabit.

On the second day

the last of the farmed animals

were eaten

and in a meat frenzy

every other land walker:

cats, tapirs, porcupines.

On the third day

the oceans and lakes were drained

the rivers dredged

ending and eating all marine life,

waterway fowl and fish.

Narrowboats were grounded.

On the fourth day

most realised that

consuming life and fuel

did not make them feel more alive

but had begun to make them dead

from the inside too.

On the fifth day

the dawn chorus was silenced.

Roast starlings and poached magpie.

Blue tits and wrens were loud

annoyances too small to snack on

so beaks were tied tight with teethed tags.

On the sixth day

the last humans were tied too.

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