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Kill-gay Day by Kushal Poddar

I am not a silent poet

Do you love
do you love?

Today is a kill-day.
Today they summon
your birth parents
and say, “You failed,
and we shall erase
your mistake.” 

Do you love, babe?
Or do you love?

Hide your feelings
somewhere in the water.
Tell the morning wood
about your absolute dreams.

Today they shall obliterate
what they don’t comprehend.

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. dylan .

sonja benskin mesher

Joker in the Pack. Celebrating Bob Dylan.

Verse selected by Lucy Newlyn. St. Edmund Hall. Oxford.

‘Dylan’ by Sonja Benskin Mesher

the photographer, the writer, and gatherer. there you are, i have been looking for you.

may 24 1941,     older than me ,much older than you.                                         the times.

could be  changing.                                                           we were young and pretty then.

I have seen your photograph. these                                                                       faces are


* he  plays a guitar and sings into a microphone.

we are writers.        we are witness. one                 elder  is  recognised

while others fail and die.   talk of other days                      .these days.

are  .         .changing.    we are                                                     listening.

* he  plays a guitar and sings to a microphone.




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