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if this clinging roseconcoction is a twinperfume to Creeds “Fleurs de Bulgarie”

(and it is) then it accomplishes that with a lot more tones and notes equalling

the same similarity to headiest roses cultivars yet snaking in these roses with

other supporting flowers and raw matter compensating perhaps for the ambergris

which characterizes Creeds perfumery so, with the Guerlinade pillar of Guerlain


I can definitely smell oakmoss, an essential for Guerlain, grounding the as airy

as unbelievable dense bulgarian rose co/smelling also vanilla and wat seems to

me to be cinnamon. and before I now consult the wheel of notes “scentpyramid”

I smelled ylang-ylang and peach. where I smelled cinnamon apparently I could

have detected sandelwood and further there are a lot more supporting elements


the hyacinth which one so overpoweringly gets in Oriza L.Legrands “Marrions

Nous” here seems more subdued within yet another cornucopia of flowers and

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