Sunday Brunch Tuesday | Reuben Woolley

Michael Dickel has been so kind as to publish 3 of my poems on Meta / Phor(e) / Play

Click on the link at the top to see the originals with full formatting.

Meta/ Phor(e) /Play

sewing the bright spaces

Reuben Woolley

stitching up the holes


windows where 
the light


see the craters 
the fat 
drops of rain 
in dry dust

looking for me

to hollow out this 

tat         tat         tat

looking for me"
Michael Dickel
Digital landscape from photos

these liquid hills

Reuben Woolley


in my solid earth

		           & how
these mountains grow

listen to grave
	            they talk
to me now & in
my dying

in all their roots

me down / they're waiting


like stones always do

“these liquid hills”—
Amalfi Coast Overlay
Michael Dickel
Digital landscape from photos

a fully moon after all these years

Reuben Woolley

holding myself / still / i am dust floating in torch light.i am tree cutting a sky & rain falls newly just ask for no answer & here’s a lost song.unplay me…

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