One Moon One Baby by Dan Raphael

the curly mind linguistically innovative poetry - weird & risky

Babies too big in the moon with mom tattooing gps across skin-time in ancient script

to identify, indemnify against a transposed background of architecture

archaeologizing vases we cant make yet, teeth biting through wire with persistent questions

as charging arguments extol the raisin rain, extra virgin rain, rain we don’t want

talking to the car ready to find a road like caramel anchovies stirred in milk

without animal origin—milk from magazines, milk from hoofless mountains

An oaken chest now my chest not drawers but pigeon holes switching places

a mechanized 3D chess board without kings or bishops; with botanists, lawyers and djs,

we don’t know how the pieces move, when the board unfolds, gps for gypsys

where motor homes solar winds turn a field into a market—

market intelligence, market humor, i subscribe with a genome, the interest is mutation

We’ll be out of bread tomorrow when the bakery’s on…

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