Panoramifications by Dan Raphael

the curly mind linguistically innovative poetry - weird & risky


bed looks like a biscuit—did i melt into sleep

churned early, sinking or rising, hooked or unleaded

takes longer to pour than to drink

over the limit, the horizon


body temperatures too hot outside the body

when i’m comfortable i must change,

when i change i ask directions

guessing north, guessing noon

don’t want to know whats hovering overhead

just how hungry is it, smuggling without swallowing


No trace of the braces, once the seed tastes air

swaddling memory, her complexions reminds me of

south dakota on a honey-scented windless day

finally the hills have started to rise

for ten years i was yeast without taste buds


Stores are part prison part more than we need

not everyone can do this

some would rather march than dance,

when the music starts i look for a place to lay

so many speed limits but no speedometers


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