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Bang Bang There Goes Your Heart by Marissa Glover

I am not a silent poet

After we post Instagram pics:                       ample booty

red lips                       round faces     these happy pouts

out with our besties—

after we subtweet lyrics to our ex: #badforwomen

so everyone knows the song is about him,

we wish now for one more night,

for someone new to take the stage, someone

to sing the world’s broken hallelujah whole again.

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Light Rises Up by Dave Rendle

I am not a silent poet

When  blinded by our differences
Life often makes no sense at all,
It’s enough to darken the soul
The world  falling  apart at the seams
Nothing left but blood and bodies
Images that haunt our compassion
Some people will shout for vengeange
Others  will sing songs of peace and love
Finding  time to  ease the pain
candles among the darkness.

Mourning the loss of innocents
That fall on this twisted earth
United in grief and solidarity
We stand together and cry
Carrying the weight of heartache
The need for blind retribution must die.
Step by step we can run from  fear
try to reconcile ourselves with one another.

Clinging on to healing overtones
Find the strength and courage to move on
To a place where hate refuses to grow
To much pain keeps us suffocating
Not sure we can withstand much more.
Lets spread  tender inclinations
Build bridges out of  destruction
In moments…

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Alone, not alone by Bethany Rivers

I am not a silent poet

What is this lonely life where

things come at you from all sides?

Children killed in a bomber’s wake

families keen & weep,

homes full of heartbreak.

Only the night before, I was standing

on a bridge over the canal, just another

one of nature’s daughters; streetlamps

reflected in long halos in the dark night

held in the dark water.

An alone moment after social nibbles

in a local pub, after a celebration of words,

poetry, humanity.  This morning, I’m alone

and I hear all the news all over the net:

ice cracks a lake open, winds

creak in the star reaching pines,

a deep silence of solidarity.


Bethany Rivers (M.A.)
Debut pamphlet due out 22nd July, OFF THE WALL from Indigo Dreams Publishing http://www.indigodreams.co.uk/bethany-rivers/4592595600

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( ……….. ) by David R Mellor

I am not a silent poet

It comes home

When it comes home

When he comes home

And she didn’t


It bites hard

When we don’t



to start

when he walked in

and she was carried



of the auditorium

the encores still trickling





when he comes home  

and  she didn’t   

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