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An Act of Peace by David Mitchell

I am not a silent poet

In Peace rooms

Peace cabinets

Plan for Declarations of peace:

How to react to future

Out breaks of Peace,

And how to circumvent

the dangers of

all out Nuclear Peace.

In classrooms Teachers teach

The history of Peace

The Vietnam Peace

Boar Peace

Civil Peace

The Great Peace

The Second World Peace

Each day

We read Peace headlines

Peace in the Middle East

Peace in Africa

Peace on drugs

Peace on terror

Peace on Hate.

Some say religion causes Peace.

And life itself is a long

Peace between good and evil.

Yet acts of Peace

Unite us,

And define the good in us.

When People gather

In their thousands,

To Light candles,

Bring flowers,

Sing songs,

And choose kindnesses.

David has had poetry published in magazines including Black Light Engine Room, Bard, Zen Space and Simply Haiku.

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