Daily Archives: June 7, 2017

Just Words by Peter Davey

I am not a silent poet

Today lies before the storm men with Guns and Knives we are in dangerous times we live in I hear a man on TV say if you Vote you make real change Your dreams can fly away and See the sights around you
breakdown with decay and war and bedroom tax
Fashioned by the greed for a better life
For which we all have to pay to make a better world From New York and London to Palestine and the Rwandan genocide Take a trip down the rivers of another Captain Jack Sparrow has the people are people standing in the rain with nowhere to go Looking for any place to call home abound for new life away from the Bombs that fell on your Town
It’s another way of life the Art of Survival hate and fleeing in a Modern Age Let’s just dance and forget How we got…

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