here we fall | Coffee Bruise Thursday | Reuben Woolley

Great to see two of my poems published on Michael Dickel’s Meta/Phor(e)/Play and accompanied by his excellent images.

Meta/ Phor(e) /Play

coralled gates the trees no more

Reuben Woolley

for the Great Barrier Reef, officially declared dead after 25 million years


birds don’t fly here 
not even 
	                & a dry 
time we have

white a forest

	                no longer


birds	       no



birds don’t fly here

rust & old machines

Reuben Woolley

here we fall

                                 the same

the stories 
strange.their shining 
faces broken 
now / feel

the opening 
the silent doors 
on doors unfold

                                 it’s time 
to haul out 
our lost pieces

our histories 
of shattered shell.come 
to it then 
& in our dreaming

Reuben Woolley has been published in various magazines including  Tears in the Fence , The Lighthouse Literary Journal , The Interpreter’s House , Domestic Cherry , The Stare’s Nest and  Ink Sweat and Tears. His collection,  the king is dead   was published in 2014 with Oneiros Books and a chapbook,  dying notes

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