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MAY DAY MAY DAY MAY DAY by Rupert Loydell

I am not a silent poet

I want to explain
I have just chaired a meeting

I called this for reason
as we face whatever happens next

I believe stability and strong leadership
would have been essential

I want to regain control
It’s all about me

I look to the future
will let myself continue to govern

We need me now
My confidence remains high

I will lead this country
into immediate economic danger

I want to spread our new industrial strategy
a disastrous policy for our country

I will take control of our laws
of our money     So I no longer pay

There is no turning back
attacks are in my thoughts today

I will target innocents
on a fictional mandate

I do not seek to fudge this issue
let it spiral out of control

We will continue to support military action
and prevent the spread of human rights

I don’t do solidarity, humanity and…

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