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Kensington and Chelsea by David R Mellor

I am not a silent poet

Sleep well tonight

With your burning

Log fire


Scurrying and searching,

For that 12 year old wine


A steaming shower

Cooled with luxury cosmetics,

Burning your botox lips


Sleep well tonight,

Holding on to those

Curled up in fresh satin sheets


And what troubles you?

You don’t want the poor

Living in a block of flats next door.

Well, now you don’t have to worry about that anymore

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A complete overhaul to its appearance by Monika Kostera

I am not a silent poet

Please tell the people in Damascus that they were loved,

tell the people we love them.

Muhammed, Omar’s brother,

Five-year-old Isaac,

Khadija Saye, artist,

Mariem, with the yellow sunflower,

Abdel, who called his sons,

Lovely smiling Sheila, 84,

Jessica, she would have been very scared, has anyone seen Jessica?

Tell the people we love them.

We just hope that they will find him.

It’s been a real journey, tears shed, highs and lows,

but mama,

I’m an artist exhibiting at the Venice Biennale!

Fire resistant cladding would have cost 5000 pounds.

Fire resistant panels for £24 per square metre,

a £2 increase on the standard.

All of these people are homeless.

A complete

overhaul to its appearance.

We are the same as those people.

It could easily have been us.

I’m a 50 year old woman with a good income.

But I swear to God, if this outrage caused…

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