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They do not serve who rule by Oonah V Joslin

I am not a silent poet

They may try to scatter
the ashes of despair
elsewhere, pull down
the opposition that towers
over this disaster,
send the poor survivors north
where it’s cooler,
where their voices,
whipped away by the wind
might find a home,
but no cohesion.
Out of sight,
out of mind.

It has always been done this way,
no matter what people say,
since we first had kings
since we had tyrants.

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Implementation of The Wildlife and Countryside Act (1981), The Natural Environment and Rural Communities Act (2006), the National Policy Planning Framework and the Fenland Local Plan. by Fianna  (Fiona Russell Dodwell)

I am not a silent poet

Planning permission is

No we can’t include those papers as we haven’t seen them

and That’s not officially on the agenda

It’s Don’t ask the District Council staff

and Mr Mishandlin doesn’t want to know

It’s Mr Stall and Mrs Hasten go back a long

l   o   n   g


Planning permission is

Well technically it’s illegal

but people turn a blind eye

in Phittlesey.

It’s They can’t do anything if you do it at the weekend

call it Backlands Development

not Conservation Area

in the plans.

Planning permission is

European Protected Species?

We’ll be out of Europe soon

I don’t want bats in my belfry –

that’s a good one


I don’t give a flying fuck

about breeding birds!

My mother hated starlings.

Planning permission is

What Poplars?

there’s no trees on these plans!


(what newts?)

Flavour of the bloody month!

E   COL   O   GY!


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