Anti-gay pogrom in Chechnya by Stefanie Bennett

I am not a silent poet

And I will love you because
the world never did.
And I will cloak you in syllables
to  keep inquiring eyes at bay.
And I will cover our footprints
so daringly
that no-one will ask,
ever again,
for a sequel to love and loveliness.
And you will love me because
the world never did.
Because the gentleness of fortitude
is a hard act to follow.
And we will scrape up
our worldly ruins
to begin building this
hectare of the heart
cupped between the planet’s breast.
Know that the quiet doctrines will be
as fragile
as your face.
The direction…
clear as a single birdcall
across the idioms
of free space.
In a land where
no wall stands we will
meet and set our lives to the order
of metaphysical things.
We will love because
the world never did; and
give back
what was never taken

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