Around by Gale Acuff

I am not a silent poet

Why do I want to see the world before
I die? It’s not like I’ll be able to
enjoy it later, when I’m stuck in one
place and can never leave, unless my soul
can split my body and wander where it
pleases, and even then, how will it be
able to touch the things it’s missed in life?
I can’t go anywhere without getting
in trouble anyway. At 44
I had to go to China–China–for
a year to teach English; I left Texas
independent. I returned–to Baton
Rouge, Louisiana, taught for one term.
Two weeks into that I knew I had to
go back to China, where I spent three years.
My mother lives in California–from
Shanghai I flew to visit her, then off
to Georgia, a few weeks with my brother.
I almost take a job in Alabama
but turn it down to come to Palestine.

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