Seep and Drip by Joe Balaz

I am not a silent poet

His body engines stay roaring

and he’s ready foa take flight

cause all his cells have been altered

and da damage is in sight—

Da reluctant passenger

going crash slowly

into wun invisible fireball.


and cancerous consequences

going be talking in present tenses

wen all da doctors do dere tests

and find wun tragedy in da results.

Dis unfortunate situation

could be coming down da road

cause people going find out

wat has been happening.

Da average person on da street

might be one of many

who has been drinking

traces of aviation juice

witout knowing it.

Undahground at Red Hill

da military got wun massive storage system

dat wuz built just above

wun important aquifer.

Da large tanks wuz leaking jet fuel foa years

and now da public going get wun huge surprise.

At da hearing

wun spokesmen foa da Navy

wants to sweep everyting

undah wun bamboo…

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