Moral Nobility by David Hall

I am not a silent poet

We have become Kings of Chaos

and Queens of Confusion

terror streams across our TV

so we grab our iPad

and quickly update our profile pic

to say we stand with _____________

(insert name of most recent locale)

as we slap together lunches for kids

that won’t eat them

and curse the ever-ticking clock

wondering why we decided last night’s Netflix marathon

was such a good idea at the time.


Reality is paused

as our goodness is posed

so it can be posted

on various social media accounts

“Say CHEESE kids!”

insert caption (Making lunch for the kiddos

they are so awesome!);

we have taught our kids

to be selfie addicts

and social media experts

while dressing them in the latest trends.


What about

being and teaching

ourselves and future generations

to be compassionate humans?

Kind and caring toward fellow humans

and towards animals as well

without the…

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