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Seedling by Heath Brougher

I am not a silent poet

So I’ve heard that you’ve
been unplugging various wires
integral to the function
of your brain
in the realm of Mainstream Thought.
Was I supposed to punish you for this?
I applaud you for it.
Just remember you’re still very young
and when you unplug
at such an early age
your “Being Misunderstood Ratio” goes up
quick as vertiginous spontaneous skyscrapers.
Just keep waiting for the inevitable
garden of Intellect to bloom
and keep sucking up the Truths
that you deem marrow-worthy. 

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Evolution of the Word “Cartoon” by Heath Brougher

I am not a silent poet

Up until recently
the word
did not
carry with it
such a heavy overtone
of seriousness.
It was previously
a word
which evoked
a sense
of lightness,
of fluffiness,
of childishness,
of silliness,
of nonsense.
Well, I guess
it still conjures
an aura
of nonsense,
just in a much more
bloodstained context
than before.

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American Virus by Heath Brougher

I am not a silent poet

american undercrawl
american outgrowth
american spit in your face
american infestation
american money-madness
american roach and rat
american sticky fingers
american oil-lubed thoughts
american bombs and boister
american piss in the wind
american bully
american inflicted lacerations
american nothing vestal left
american smokestacks
american anger
american frustration 
american brainless
american selfish
american people
american monsters.

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What the Rooster Really Says by Heath Brougher

I am not a silent poet

Good (motionless bloated baby bodies along the road to Baghdad,

violent religious uprisings, daily bombings, African children skin and bones,

nuclear warheads armed and at the ready, Fukushima toxic waste

leaking into the Pacific, a healthcare system where one accident will send you

straight to the poorhouse, the skeletal shambles of the economy,

melting polar icecaps, the terrorist news stations, various diseases

one mutation away from becoming a pandemic, politicians spouting

nothing resembling the Truth, assault rifles in the hands of maniacs,

fracking next door, flammable tap water, China rising, trans fats

and obesity, hospitals full of infected lymph nodes, a prison of toxic

food and pills, this spurious democracy, and that atrocious

possible Truth in the back of your head that keeps telling you

there just may be no light at the end of that tunnel) morning.


Heath Brougher is the poetry editor of Five 2 One Magazine and…

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Done and Dusted by Rupert M Loydell

I am not a silent poet

When she killed herself
it was all over the papers.
Everyone knew, then
everyone forgot, talked
about something else.
There were TV reports
and neighbours’ tributes,
some actor friends
said nice things but
then it was as though
nothing had happened,
as though it was all ok,
done and dusted,
just another day.


Previously published in International Times.

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