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Twenty-four Floors by Pamela Ireland Duffy

I am not a silent poet

The cladding melted

fell from our eyes

with the bodies of our children

the illusion of a caring society

gone up in smoke

we see with the eyes of the dead now

staring out from hollow windows

of black towering truth…

Prejudice fanned into flame with newspaper

smears soot-stained into walls

facts distorted into twisted metal

figures spun into smoke

humanity costed into ash

behind closed doors

twenty-four floors of hopes and dreams

incinerated like rubbish…

The anger of the poor

once lit

burns deep

and only justice

can extinguish it

we see with the eyes of the dead now

we know what the dead know

we are not to blame.

For the people of Grenfell Tower, living and dead.

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Assam Tea Pickers by Vicky Hampton

I am not a silent poet

There are no flames –

the man who swallows fire

chokes on a mist –

one arm pumps up down

up down, the other waves

left right, left right

one bellowing

one spraying –

it burns just the same.

He has no mask

and protective clothing

is not provided.

The bare midriff girl

sari on her bones

like rag on wire

will quietly ask

why can’t he feel his face

his hands, hungry?

In leaking homes

the new-born starve

Right up to the time to push

she’ll pick, he’ll spray


among pots

on a mud floor

she’ll birth and say,

oh, another grief.


I am a Writing for Wellbeing Facilitator and have been writing poetry seriously for about 4 years. I live in Gloucestershire, in the Forest of Dean where I run a peer-learning poetry group called Poets In Progress, or PIPs.  My work has won prizes in the…

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.white feathers. by Sonja Benskin Mesher

I am not a silent poet

i dream i dream of porcupines.

white feathers dipped in blood.

bloody mess  wars,

bodies rotting  there.             there

are   thoughts while stitching that

this could save the world.

a quiet thing. no injuries, the blood

comes small in useful            drops.

drops down,      meditative sound.

white feathers fall.


white feathers

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