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12-Step Death Sentence by Michael Marrotti

I am not a silent poet

If I can help

one life

it’s worth

the time

At least

that’s what

I used to tell




this year though

New faces

keep showing up

for help

at alarming rates

All the old


are still clinging on

to the program


is a long road

rarely passed

I’ve never known

this many

dead people


in my life

It seems like

they pass away

on a weekly basis

my consciousness

is embedded

with their names

and faces

I come here

on my own


to make

a difference


my time

for the betterment

of the homeless

A year ago

I was eager

to show up

each week


It was different

back then

before the

constant influx

of new faces

overdoses and faith

rendered insufficient

I’d leave

with a feeling

of fulfilment

knowing I

made a difference


when I leave


takes over…

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The Magnificent Man by Ellena Edwards

I am not a silent poet

We sit around the table

you at the Head

surrounded by your girls.

You turn on the tv

enamel fills your face

as she plates your food.

He appears on the screen

calling women animals

calling punishment for abortion.

You say he’s a monster

when her scars remain

tattooed across her vessel.

She will never admit it was you

who was wrong, is wrong.

I look at her and wish

begging her to release

becoming his



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Tham and Us by Ananya S Guha

I am not a silent poet

The roads are black
Pilgrims die like cattle
Paying homage in blistering
Terrain is not enough
Even if the gods do  not bless
Terrorists do
In the name of a country
We cannot travel
Kashmir’s gates are too near
Death or the valley of guns
If it is not our soldiers
It is theirs
We are mangled
Them and us
Our bodies are them and us
Our corpses too
Why even our gods are
Them and us.
Why cannot we be them
And them us?
Because the blood is not
Them and us !

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