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.. the flight to egypt, revisited..

sonja benskin mesher

Edwin Longsden Long RA was an English genre, history,  and portrait painter.


there are many pictures at this house, two dimensional and more. how can I love one

child above another?

I had only one, so that was easy, then questioned if I loved the late arrival more, I said no just different.

so I talk out loud instead of writing .

a new prose. I  talk of formative years, the safe place.

russell coates museum. have you been there? it was free on thursdays a haven from the rain,



indoor fish pond, quiet on the stairs, to the edwin long gallery. the flight to egypt. looking

back now, I never thought of it religious.  immense it covered the wall.

I use the past tense, yet it is still in place.

on googling I see  the topic is biblical, I remember the procession, the faces, the space …

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