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Stepford on Steroids by Cath Campbell

I am not a silent poet

When I listen to those bastards on the telly
I feel my beating proletarian heart more clearly.

All the crap such elitist tricksters foisted
upon the masses over countless years,

the swindling lies and moral panic buttons
pushed by pearly chested twin-set ladies,

or hand-made suited slick-backed guys
(that specific one with the seriously untidy hair).

Hiding a pig-eyed wealth of stolen privileges,
smirky blue-eyed never-been-hungry boys and girls,

degrees got somewhere grand with daddy’s money
and mum’s, ‘never be an easy lay, but it’s ok to flirt.’

Their wide awake coke induced earnest stares,
and rictus red Faye Dunaway lipstick balms,

and don’t forget the jolly jolly laugh at anyone
who dares argue their opinion is not first class.

Those fawning bourgeois hangers-on, mendacious
as sycophantic changlings sucking from the teet,

the trough of scoff, denying workers constant sweat,
dismissing murder as tragedy and dreadful accident.

They love a…

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The Intricacies of Persistent Failure by Paul Sutton

I am not a silent poet

I am an expert.

In a faded ski-jacket and old trainers, it loafs along, dodging backward glances, following my every step.

I’ve had enough.

So I book my annual holiday in a motorway Ibis – amidst a migraine patchwork of dusty vegetation, flight paths and conveyor-belts over graphite lakes.

Here I await my brothers in failure.

I. Menu Rage

Geoff from accruals and accounts payable has ordered some ‘Ukrainian bird’ for marriage and children, perfect for flights from Kiev – her family a mixture of gangsters and radioactive meat suppliers.

We meet in the bar.

‘Women’s teeth are so important – have you read Zadie Smith?

‘Most Slavs suffer from halitosis. I’m hoping my luck will change.’

We discuss the menu. I am familiar with the dizzying rhetorical tricks but Geoff smiles in expectation.

“Here she comes…”

I can’t decide between Hunter’s Chicken and Harissa Lasagne.

No one has…

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