Conservatives in crisis by Judith Taylor

I am not a silent poet

Brexit vote sees highest spike in religious and racial hate crimes ever recorded (Independent, 7th July 2017)


Parasite turns wasp into zombie then drills through its head (New Scientist, 25th January 2017)


Bassettia pallida – the crypt

gall wasp, as it’s commonly known –

is parasitic on oak trees: under its influence

the tree makes hollow galls

in which the young of the wasp develop

till they’re ready

to eat their way out

and find their prey in the world.

But there is a smaller wasp

Euderus set – that manipulates

the manipulator. Gall wasps it infects

chew out an exit they’re not ready for;

die blocking it. And inside

the Euderus grub

whose jaws are rarely tough

enough for oak-bark, eats its host

grows strong, and when it senses spring

chews its way out to freedom

and other hosts, through a neat hole


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