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Glasses by Russell Gordon

the curly mind linguistically innovative poetry - weird & risky

can’t stand wearing glasses.

locked eyes with you

so securely fastened, rustproof

but it’s the glass that meets your gaze

as does light, wind or dust—I pass through.

a glass roof and ceiling, sealing from the elements

all-seeing eye

of a storm

a distance afar apart away a way around long ago

ignore the past a doorway.

adore the present you threw me into when you

cut me in two after you crawled through the whole and you

made me a spectacle

made me some spectacles

fashionably fashioned from some old bones you

found at a zoo.

I crawl through, shuddering, drawing the shutters

soundproof windows to the soul


stand tall and bare faced

a flood of ichor in the veins



so cold and mortal… no more



a trapeze in a glass house’s ceiling

gasping for empty tear-sacs in vain

the trap is the apple…

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New collection forthcoming: ‘broken stories’ by reuben woolley

This is the dust jacket for my new collection, ‘broken stories’, set to appear in the middle of September. Thanks to Rhys Jones for all his hard work at the Press and my most sincere gratitude to Angela FranceMicheál Gallagher and Hamish Montgomery for their fantastic endorsements, which can be see on the jacket. My thanks also to Sonja Benskin Mesher for the central cover image.

It’s a hardback and will cost £9.50. P&P included for the UK and the EU.

broken stories dust jacket