Well Cleaned Working Shoes by Mendes Biondo

I am not a silent poet

wake up my buddy it’s monday
today the world spins again
and you will stand waiting
for a job and a place struggling

as everyday

set up the house
clean the garden

sit and write another curriculum vitae
send the whole thing to deaf

working places without a particular name

start praying your mean god to receive

a good answer
or at least


people told you so many times
that work is a way to be free
arbeit macht frei
that work is always abroad
mamma mia
that you need to go away
au revoir mes amis

it’s the same old dirty monday lie
because your working shoes
are clean as a new pair

and good mama girls
and good papa boys
recommended rotten brains
idiots of every kind
will overtake your working shoes


now breath and forgot all struggles

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