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The Arena by Jennifer Lagier

I am not a silent poet

The latest of President Pussy Grabber’s

crude, clueless appointees

has lasted less than ten days.

Fired after ranting on video

“I’m not Steve Bannon,

trying to suck my own cock.”

The Mooch eagerly fluffs

batshit Cheeto-in-Charge

as his fed-up wife

files for divorce.

Pundits guess

how long other staffers

will remain before

they are thrown under

the vindictive orange bus

or voluntarily abandon

a sinking clown car administration.

On Face the Nation,

one talking head

predicts an immediate pivot

to more dignified behavior,

fewer embarrassing leaks

now that there’s a

new sheriff in town.

Wanna place any bets?

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Listening to Bach’s Passion at the Proms by Carolyn O’Connell

I am not a silent poet

Sung in German, his language
one I slightly know
the anger of the mob, a people led
by men who feared loss of power
to reject an innocent man
who’d helped and taught love.

Knowledge of another’s language
culture and beliefs: brings understanding
no matter what his colour, status
or the culture, country where he flies from
or still strives to live.

If all men could learn from others
the stranger on your road
then no leader would have power
to bring men to hate or war.

There would be no enemy
no one to despise
we’d understand each other
no matter what the dress or voice
or where we live or worship
or even what we eat.

Then we’d be each other’s brothers
and sisters, forever joined in harmony.

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