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.not for sale. by Sonja Benskin Mesher

I am not a silent poet

critical.  some things are not for sale.

you see.

it is

not about money

nor gain.

critical. heard things

you disliked.     they

saved your life

didn’t                they?

critical and        difficult

on all sides.       it is not

a competition, we shall

not paint it white.   the

upper rooms.


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Our Children’s Story by David R Mellor

I am not a silent poet

The rolling film

The ticker tape

The white van that feels no pain

The eye witness “who saw nothing “

The slow counting of numbers

“Is that 1 or 13?”


The rolling film

Over her eyes

The white van speeding towards her

Imagining the screams


This is our children’s bedtime story 


Following the events in Barcelona.

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The Greedophile by Bill Lythgoe

I am not a silent poet

I creep through the clean, green, town-centre park,

eyeing rich pickings. What’s in it for me?

How can I use it to make my mark?

I creep through the clean, green, town-centre park.

I need to act quickly or some other shark

will move in, develop it, charge a fat fee.

I creep through the clean, green, town-centre park,

eyeing rich pickings. What’s in it for me?


Bill Lythgoe has been writing poetry seriously for about six years. He has won four prizes in Writing Magazine. He won second prize in the Sentinel Literary Quarterly competition and was published in their Oct-Dec 2013 magazine. He has also won prizes awarded by Fire River Poets, the Wakefield Red Shed and Nottingham Poetry Society and been published by Earlyworks Press, Strong Verse and Southport Fringe Poetry. If you Google Bill Lythgoe poems you can read some of his work.

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Political by Sam Richards

I am not a silent poet

Political political,
Everything’s political.
This poem is political.
You are.
I am.
If you post pictures of your fluffy cat
On Facebook,
Or your brat doing something you think is
That’s political.
Don’t kid yourself:
There’s nothing that’s not political.
Even kidding yourself
Is political.

If you think “political”
Only applies to politics –
That’s political.
Quite possibly
That’s what politicians
Would like you to think;
And that too
Of course
Is political.
In some ways
Are only marginally political
But they are fully political
Just the same.
Thinking you can live your life
Free of politics
Is political.
Assuming the arts
And music
And poetry
To be outside politics
Is political.
Language of course
Is political
Before you even open your mouth
Or commit words to paper.
Paper is political,
So is the screen of your laptop
So is your laptop.
Digital is political.
Science is political

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