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I hear Aleppo by Diana Devlin

I am not a silent poet

a mother’s hope, a daughter’s dream
two thousand one hundred miles away
in Aleppo, angels learn to scream
a soundtrack for this century
a song as bright as broken glass
sprinkles rainbows on their pain
dark nights as white as phosphorous
whitewashed by the bombing rain

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.stop sign. by Sonja Benskin Mesher

I am not a silent poet

the lady with the blue umbrella

is merely a road sign, remember.

until we walk over and find there

is not one.

had difficulty sleeping, thinking.

of you all.

the hurricanes.

thinking of you all.

the genocide.

spelled carefully

you all

at war.

all who are ill,


i went on the bus, saw the mud

from the festival. talked   to you

who got lost and fed the homeless.

read some road signs elsewhere.


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