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Following the Rules by MJ Logue

I am not a silent poet

When my son goes to school

They have rules.

They say – be kind.

Share with other people.

Look after each other, and play gently.

Be careful.

Be mindful.

Tell the truth, and if you hurt someone, say sorry.

Hugs are good.

Work hard, and do your best, and be proud of your good work.

My boy is seven.

When he is grown up, the world will teach him

To forget those rules.

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Your Only Death by Ananya S Guha

I am not a silent poet

Now, Gauri Lankesh
what was your sin?
being a woman
a journalist ?
In India we mime rape
we love women in closets
then lust
now Gauri my dear
why didn’t anyone rescue you?
because you are ( were) not a cow?
They have got guts these revenge mongers
their guts are hidden in bloated stomachs
are you weeping for them?
Are they laughing their guts, sorry stomachs out?
Now, Gauri Lankesh tell our women not to be afraid
and our men to weep, while protecting the cow
tell women to fight with fistful of tears
Now that they have shot you, seven times I hear
near your house, we will make it a temple
so that these cow herds can come pray, chant
But you were not Muslim
I wonder why they killed you.
Chant. Chant. Chant. Pray
Gauri Lankesh emerge out of your coffin
in the second…

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