National Poetry Day Freedom poems part 2: Facebook Free by Scott Tyrrell

I am not a silent poet

Fat and fragile

and swimming in choice

determined that everyone

hear’s your voice

drowning in thoughts

bailing out of your phone

Assured in your ground

Terrified you’re alone

Facts unchecked

and glued to groups

who flatter and like

and never say whoops

The warrior in the comfy seat

context free and incomplete

This is the life, this the dream

The unaccountable monarch supreme

The worlds outside squeezing their asses

through your ever-decreasing rose-tinted glasses

It’s safe and it’s sane and keeps out the pain

These self-imposed blinkers and digital chain

An embittered empowered detainee

perfectly placed to disagree

and your carefully picked social army

right at your back and reason free

The oracle of all you choose to see

It’s the best way to be

It’s good to be free.


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