National Poetry Day Freedom poems part 2: Freedom, what it means to me… by Gaz the Trailblazer

I am not a silent poet

Obviously I could say it’s being out on my bike, not staying indoors watching tv.
But with everything going on in the world there’s a bigger picture I’m sure more people will see, so I wrote this poem as my understanding, not as my belief.

There’s something more to the structure and I’ll try to keep this brief, it’s an illusion and there are solutions that could ultimately give us relief. 
I know things are bad, very bad indeed.

But we are missing the simplicity while talking about money corruption and greed.

Apparently most people hear the word sovereignty and misunderstand what it means. It’s not about nation states, royalty and the queen. 

Individually It is our ability to disengage from the system by peaceful means.

But you must know the language being used and how it can easily mislead. 

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