National Poetry Day Poems part 1: Two poems by Rachel Carney

I am not a silent poet


Billow up out into space,

because you can, because the air is there,

waiting like a solid cotton

entity of hope, and hold your breath –

cold, clear as glass – gliding fresh on your tongue, like snow.

Go. Taste it. Then release your breath as you count the way out,

lifting your wings – a dragonfly into light.

Don’t rush. The dawn has only just begun.

And don’t look down.

Ignore the shadows under you, the water’s swell.

Fix your eyes on skies of royal blue, and for the first time in your life,

decide to be the you inside –

the maverick, the brave philanthropist. Fly off.

Now stop right there and watch

as that old stub of you begins to flake

away – an empty shell.


(inspired by the Biblical story of Hosea)

Freedom was not what she wanted. Freedom was not her thing.

But he rescued her anyway, paying the ransom, and took her away with him.

She couldn’t believe it…

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