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If walls had ears by Sheila Jacob

I am not a silent poet

We witness in silent ways, swallow voices

into our fabric of stone and mud and dust,

where else do you think the day’s sound

lives once airborne, does it fade like silks,

grow colourless on tapestry for the altar’s

frontal, pure linen for chasubles and copes?

(Fine threads on a chasuble where a needle

stabbed; over, around, tracings of smothered

light, lost resurrections, the chalice brimful.)

We bear the weight of cries from a child’s

sickbed, a woman’s rage;spiders hear it, too,

snag a thread of pain, weave it into corners.

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The Day you fall in Love with a Woman by Antony Owen

I am not a silent poet

Sun uploads day and for the millionth and first time

you awake out of one dream into one shape written into linen.

When I was a young man I held a flower by the head

little did I realise the rip from its soil was the beauty of it all.

Now as a man I am ancient of loving you in the moment

all we have become is all that we will be in the sepia of old age.

When I was a baby my Father never knew how to hold me

it was always the crib inside mothers and lullabies of blood that held us.

The day you fall in love with a woman the stem of a star explodes

this light holds yesterday like a flower so delicate it will cut sky into red.

Night uploads moon, and stars burst like zinnias in a night garden

your head…

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