The Examination of Time by Rob Cullen

I am not a silent poet

We are the explorers
Of time.
In which
Our watchfulness
A revelation
An awareness
Of life’s turning wheel.
We the silent sentinels
Examine time
The glue that alloys
That anneals and binds
The eternal tick
Hum and thrum
Of the Atomic.
Oblivious to the inhalation
And exhalation of breath
We breathe
A measurement of time.
And dream itself
Three thirty
In the darkness
A stop time
In slow time
When nightmares wake
And temperatures drop
A degree or two
And old people’s
Grip on time
Is loosed,
They leave
And are left.
Slow time.
Stop time.
Time to wake
Time to go
Slow time
Stop time.
One day I found
Myself wearing
Two watches
I am unaware when
I strapped them on
There is a third
Too delicate to be worn
The Gold watch
Given to an old man
On finishing
Stop time.

The first watch

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