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Northern Ireland – The Morning After Atavism by Jim Feeney

I am not a silent poet

hard men, old hatred,

prod, papist, patriot games

I thought you were done.



haiku prompted by

the pratfall that is Brexit

and the re-entry

 to my consciousness

of the DUP, Sinn Fein

and Gerry Adams.

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Sheer Bravado by Rupert M Loydell

I am not a silent poet

Sometimes, of course, it is sheer bravado,

wishful thinking about what could have been.

Other times it is because I do not remember,

have retold the story so many times

it has become fiction, a truth gleaned

from photos, memoirs, friends’ anecdotes,

overlaid with a veneer of middle age.

It probably wasn’t like that

but I remember it as better then.

Gigs were cheap and plentiful,

London was a great place to live,

and the world just was, a place

of potential and possibility, not one

devoid of promise and spare cash.

I worked shifts at the hospital,

spent a summer mixing chemicals

in a factory, another teaching sailing

to kids in the USA. New York

was simply wonderful, hot and

cheap to live in; a year in Coventry

brought me down to earth, taught me

things I didn’t want to know:

how people were different and…

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