Statement by the Pedestrian Liberation Organisation by Thomas McColl

I am not a silent poet

We, the PLO (Pedestrian Liberation Organisation),
do hereby swear, on the sacred Highway Code,
that those who dare to attempt to kill pedestrians as they cross the road
will, from tomorrow, incur the deadly wrath of London’s Shining Path.

The revolution will not be televised – it will be pedestrianised –
and our enemies had better watch out.

White van man – each morning, for fun, you try to run
pedestrians over at the zebra crossing at the start of Shaftsbury Avenue.
You arrogant sod: You need to know that what you do
will, tomorrow, be avenged by a PLO hit-squad.

Hippy cyclist – too busy having dreams about saving the planet, it seems,
to think about pedestrians when you jump the lights at Bishopsgate.
You’re so into human rights,
except when it comes to people travelling round London on foot.
Well, be left in no doubt: Tomorrow, the PLO…

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