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Protest VI by Gary Beck

I am not a silent poet


violently oppose

the order of things,

burn with outrage

at the system’s failings

real or imagined,

preferring to destroy

existing government,

regardless of consequences

to most of our citizens,

rather than accept

their lack of importance

in the scheme of things.

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The Conquest of Iraq by Gary Beck

I am not a silent poet

The last shot fired,

the guns are silent,

the wounded carried to safety,

the dead stored in body bags

ripening for the return home.

Only chaos remains

unresolved by war

of an arrogant intruder

proclaiming lofty ideals

not practiced at home,

on a hostile regime

not a direct threat

expanded to a menace,

an imminent danger.

Asserting might makes right

we toppled a totalitarian regime

leaving a disrupted country

leaderless, lawless,

a state of total anarchy,

looters  pillaging with impunity,

feudists settling old scores,

sectarian violence

across a divided land

consumed by hatred

preferring murder

to tolerance,

And the pretext for invasion,

weapons of mass destruction

never discovered.

Yet no apologies,


prompt withdrawal

of an occupying army

that crushed native levies

like colonizers of old,

who at least established order.

The prodigious cost

in blood and treasure

devastated the loser,

but bankrupted the winner

and the people at home

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Poor Plan by Gary Beck

I am not a silent poet

The American hope,
a stable Afghanistan
after years of training,
wasted billions,
remains a fantasy.
Afghan security forces
dangerously riddled
with unreliable soldiers,
erratic police officers,
suddenly turn weapons
on unsuspecting allies
in a pattern of attacks
that deepens distrust,
shatters cooperation.
If our soldiers
can’t trust Afghans
they won’t achieve
even limited goals,
so the Pentagon
should advise the president
once again we’ve overreached.


Gary Beck has spent most of his adult life as a theater director, and as an art dealer when he couldn’t make a living in theater. He has 11 published chapbooks and 3 more accepted for publication. His poetry collections include: Days of Destruction(Skive Press), Expectations (Rogue Scholars Press). Dawn in Cities, Assault on Nature, Songs of a Clerk, Civilized Ways, Displays, Perceptions & Fault Lines (Winter Goose Publishing). Tremors, Perturbations, Rude Awakenings and The Remission of Order will be published by Winter…

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