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Jerusalem by Antony Owen

I am not a silent poet

Earth was born a small stone from sling shot stars,
belonged to all before borders were fault lines.
Goliath was a giant hailed in the yellow sun, star,
I think all the stones have melted like ice in fire.

This is the age of walls being built or knocked down.
I dreamt of cuckoos in Jerusalem threading Acacia from Gaza,
they nested in the safety of mosque, spire, and synagogue and
I think the peacemakers with guns never heard that peacefulness.

Oh Jerusalem, a fool sang a ballad and asked wise men to dance to his tune,
and the fool saw a king so vain he was throwing crumbs like stones.
The stones looked big in the disappearing wastelands beyond the wall,
A slum child watches her breath shrink in the window pane and sees Palestine

Oh slum child, Gaza is an abacas made up of stones a little boy…

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“Broken Stories” by Reuben Woolley

Thanks to Paul Brookes for this great review of my collection, ‘broken stories’.

The Wombwell Rainbow

Broken Stories by Reuben Woolley, published by 20/20 Vision Publishing, 2017

Innovative in form, though some may think of ee cummings. In this work there are no capital letters.
Few full stops, never at the end of poems and no page numbers.

Music is integral to Reuben’s Broken Stories. At its centre the myth of Eurydice. At the start “& all that jazz”, the poet plays a horn.

do they play
in your heaven
the heat
where bird flies

“bird” perhaps a reference to the late innovative saxophone player and composer Charlie Parker.
The notion of looking back as a form of loss, the recovery of the dead through grief. Stories of the broken enacted by broken lines by a shore, in flight. Ancient stories hinted at like “splinterman”. Well worth a google.

Often modern poetry is seen as having a close kinship with jazz, especially in…

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