Xmas Does Not Arrive in Metro Manila by Karlo Sevilla

I am not a silent poet



It is unleashed.


By malls, shopping centers,

commercial establishments.


Bombardment of artificial lights

shaming the stars.


Stereos blare the seasonal songs

in aid of merchandise.


There are no silent nights.


The four-month season

in all its burlesque glory.




In the slums, the children

have Cronus for their Father.


In the slums, the children

fall prey to Herod’s henchmen.


In the slums, the angels

drop their guard.


In the slums, the saints

don’t intercede.




Come New Year’s Eve, fireworks.


There will be explosions.


And sparks, from firecrackers.


Some, from the mouths of guns.


One, the last Xmas light a child

shall ever see.




Somewhere, a manger.


Somewhere, a silenced night.


Karlo Sevilla writes from Quezon City, Philippines. His poems have appeared in Philippines Graphic and in…

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