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I could have been a doctor by Graziella Ntinyari

I am not a silent poet

I could have been a doctor,
But I was born on a desert field of sand, sun shining on the small pieces of “gold”,
Which couldn’t protect us even from the night cold, so probably, my first site was of a slim bony structured face of what looked less than a female human,
Full of joy beneath the contingent fear of the lost son of man.

I could have been a doctor,
But I was born as a tail on a body that suffered from the disorder of hopelessness,
Its spirit and energy entangled by the chains of fearfulness and like any other body, the head was above and with the rule on in its system,
Then as a subject I ought to connect, receive and act.

I could have been a doctor,
But they told me like mother like daughter and just then I remembered the woman was only…

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hypnotic sequencings by Aad de Gids

I am not a silent poet

music keeps being a steeringwheel the churning bowl the rotating
wheel of karma especially this hypnotic sequencing music with bells
and poings, symphonic mass intermittent as backdrop and as lovely
as nonreplacable. essentialist wavering ribbon of time and pleasure
sometimes something urgent, troubling, an abstract necessity comes
to the fore now as in a spacey indian raga synth-induced druggy delhi
nylonoid music nevertheless with divaesque passion and raggedly
virtuosity not meaning a thing but a little glow of reinforcement in
the motivational emotional realm, vinyl nylon emotions tearfully as
the unexpected plague, broken. fields of tears and snowflakes asset of
the ‘distant saxophone’ (robert wyatt) and ‘uncertain trumpet’ (lyotard)
an elixirist accompaniment of the daily humdrum and ‘rests of talks
heard through slowly closing doors’ (jacques) on every floor as that
the building becomes a beehive of fragmented conversations, noisous
(nausious) lawmaking and laTrumpe rhetorics and shadow corporate
machinations as…

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