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I also, inbetween, chose the mermaid by Aad de Gids

I am not a silent poet

here comes the poem of beauty it is falling from the sky
there isn’t any necessity or ever the answer nor question why
a topic isn’t necessary while one fares better with avoidance
of laTrumpe and kimYongUn. oh they will have their moment
their moment in the sun, their grey concrete dappled, seurat
cosmetological skins and hairs almost à la haute couture well
coiffed in the spirit of the late Coiffures Alexandre de Paris
their sinister beauty shall nevertheless not corrumpate this le
poème, these are domains shifting alongside each other doing
a “Panama”: ships passing through the night, not so much
the jumble on the planet, as they perhaps had hoped foreseen
as cardboard presidentes they, stand like dead trees visibly
yet innately empty eaten out by termites as can be seen off
of hayhair or the mohawk of pubic hair of kim. go play in da

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