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Binge Watching Bad Memories by Bobby Parker

I am not a silent poet

Nothing sorts out memories from ordinary moments. It is only later that they claim remembrance, when they show their scars – Chris Marker

congratulations your head didn’t explode

in the supermarket

nothing triggered us

can you believe that

no one cares

I plant fists in my hair

squint a million oranges

touch myself with caution

convinced I’m an alien

tangled like earphones

fingers pulling at the knots

the hem of my red dress

I mean your red dress

whispering through the ashtray

talking to a nurse she said

you probably won’t die tonight

we agreed

our feet were

equally disgusting

I peeled his hand off my knee

told him to go

wait for the dealer

he can remember

dancing but sometimes

he can’t remember

the year she was born

shiver in a spoon

I rarely think about God

did you really see him

in the park

bumming a dog


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They’ll Learn the Real Story Soon Enough by Jennifer Lagier

I am not a silent poet

For every stone Mueller overturns,
up squirms money launderers,
Russian trolls, berserk Neo-Nazis.

Republicans collaborate
with Faux News talking heads
to dismiss treasonous findings.

America assumes hatred
will bring back
mythical “good old days.”

A dystopian paradise for wealthy white men.
No uppity women, labor unions,
people of color.

Each day, they dismantle, destroy,
conveniently forget blatant oppression
brews revolution.

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Christmas Gift by Jennifer Lagier

I am not a silent poet

“The test of our progress is not whether we add more to the abundance of those who have much, it is whether we provide enough for those who have too little.” –Franklin Delano Roosevelt


While children and indigents starve,
survive in alleys, cardboard box ghettos,
fat-cats celebrate the Prince of Payola
who has just given them a generous
Christmas gift of inordinate tax cuts.

Pharisees and their sycophants
repossess temples, erect golden idols.
A harsh regime suppresses free speech,
replaces truth with self-serving commercials.

A rough beast slouches toward Bethlehem
where he lifts his leg, pisses on the poor.
An antichrist brutally seizes the throne.
Timid kings keep their distance.


Jennifer Lagier has published thirteen books of poetry, taught with California Poets in the Schools, co-edits the Homestead Review. Her forthcoming books include Like a B Movie and Camille Mobilizes, both scheduled for publication by FutureCycle Press. Visit…

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