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poems for Ahed Tamimi

debasis mukhopadhyay

Honored to have had my poem entitled “slap” featured today (January 6, 2018) in I am not a silent poet alongside works by Antony R Owen & Reuben Woolley! Below are the links:

The Slapping by a Palestinian Girl by Antony Owen

silence my dear by Reuben Woolley

slap, for Ahed Tamimi by Debasis Mukhopadhyay

Photograph: Al Jazeera

Thanks everyone!

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For the Love of Lee by Natalia Spencer

I am not a silent poet


the sheltered side of something; the side away from the wind.

Oh yes the fish wife said I often saw him
Fingers engraved with filth
& he smelt like a kipper
Bleeding disgrace I say

No don’t think I did he said am just too busy
to see what’s at my feet & judging
by that ratty bit of card
I don’t think she could write or read

Yes he/she was often camped there
said two policewomen & we knew its name
We saw sweat sparkling on the forehead
Hardly remarkable in seventy degree heat

No said Tony Stranger I never saw a report
that a disabled life died in a shop doorway
but I do know Theresa May
asked if they even existed

Yes said the whole internet
worms are dozing on leather green benches
or outside Gregs those sausage roll bags
are just fair weather mates

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The Slapping by a Palestinian Girl by Antony Owen

I am not a silent poet

If you wish upon a Palestinian star I don’t think of David in Goliath
but I think of Ahed the girl who slapped a soldier and hit the nerve.
If I think of the moon I do not think of a sea of tranquillity aglow,
I think of gum on Palestinian tarmac trampled on by soldiers boots.

I want to stamp my lips like a visa on to the lips of weeping parents,
I want to tell them that border lines were drawn by wars drunk devil.
When I was the age Ahed a doctor slapped my veins for a syringe,
he told me it wouldn’t heard and lied but when I awoke I saw the fib.

Tonight the sky looks wondrous and the city lights invade its beauty,
I have to look harder to see that stars of Bethlehem are not the brightest.
In truth they are not yellow…

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