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broken stories by reuben woolley (Reviews)

broken stories has received some excellent reviews and features.

Ian Brinton reviewed it on the Tears in the Fence blog:

Jonathan Taylor‘s review can be found here:

Billy Mills reviewed in Elliptical Movements:

Jerome Rothenberg featured it on Poems and Poetics on the Jacket 2 site:

Jesse Glass said the following:

“Reuben Woolley has a beautiful new book out titled Broken Stories (Wales: 20/20 Vision). I’m still reading it and connecting dots but Reuben appears to me to be working in the Objectivist mode. What really connects Woolley with Oppen and the other members of this group is not only the form he gives his work but the absolute sincerity evident in the manner, the mode, and the subjects he chooses to consider in his writing. Congratulations are in order.”

Several readers left their reviews on the GWales and the Waterstone’s sites:

You can get it from 20/20 Vision Media Publishing by emailing Rhys Jones: