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Closing Night by Rupert M Loydell

I am not a silent poet

The last gasping breath
from a failed experiment,

a desert animal caught
swimming across the sky.

We always had something to say
but no one to say it to;

this unmarked grave
was not dug willingly.

They, them, us. Goodbye.

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Career limiting – by Stephen Daniels

Algebra Of Owls

My boss likes to hug me, which is awkward
because I don’t want to hug him.

He hides behind his agitator grin
and his salary smile.

I would like to take his nothing bonus
and spit it into his eyes.

Watch his frown fade into disgust
and laugh at his now squeezing release.

When we meet I can smell his dis-honesty,
rich as piss. It reeks of receipts.

His false words take time to settle
and I can’t hold it all in. But I have to.

My chair wobbles and the shape of him bends
like the magic trick when you shake a pen.

I squint my eyes
and it looks like he is smiling.

I open them wide and he is too bright.
I close them and he disappears.

I take my mug and throw it from the window.
I take him and throw him from the window.


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