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Now Versus Once by Veronica Marjon Van Bruggen

I am not a silent poet

Inside our colored brisk world,
a bone inside a leg
lies the world of the negative.

Conviction of inherent good
has dribbled out of our childhood world,
like the stuffing from a toy.

Hypnotic clocks and unfinished
goblin gestures paint a surreal
landscape, fixed in hysteria.

We have lost touch with
the ordinariness of things;
a hushed network of nightmares.

Malevolence is routine now,
places our world in continued shadows.
No more happy-ever-after, just a rheumatoid hic-jacet.

We expect the appalling and disastrous
as normal; in this world the blood screams
whispers to the flesh, and we… accept.

Here the alien wanders endless benighted
streets, where innocent households laugh
behind blinds.

They still believe in an old tomorrow
where milk bottles were left at the polished
door and shining coins were counted and collected.

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The Poetry Police

Angela Topping

There has been something of a controversy recently in the poetry goldfish bowl. I don’t want to get into the McNish versus Watts debate, because I can see both sides, but from a range of comments on the offending article in P.N.Review, an interesting discussion has been going on about what the ‘rules’ or conventions of poetry are. There are people who feel only poems which rhyme can be called poems. Others extol the virtues of punctuation, learning about scansion and metre, and being well versed in the reading of poetry by other people. This is the debate that constantly rumbles on. What IS poetry?

A poem is not defined by the toolbox it uses. A different poem by the same poet might be conventional, with rhyming, scanning quatrains, or it might be loose, open field, intertexual, or anything at all. For my money, I let the poem get involved…

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