So, you’ve read Rupi Kaur and now you like poetry, what’s next?

Rupi Kaur is a name that I hear very often when I talk to people about poetry. She’s usually the first poet that comes to mind for them when we get onto the subject. ‘Omg have you heard of Rupi Kaur? She’s my favourite poet ever.’

Probably. but perhaps only because you’ve not looked any further than Milk & Honey, or her latest collection The Sun and her Flowers. Kaur, and British poets Hollie McNish and Kate Tempest have recently been at the centre of a rehashing of the elitist argument about popular performance poetry versus the artistic and often inaccessible world of the page. While I stand with Hollie’s response to the PN Review article and am pleased to see poetry becoming more popular, I am a little exasperated at having to answer that she is not my favourite poet and I don’t own any of her…

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