four poems from Mattered By Tangents by Tim Allen

the curly mind linguistically innovative poetry - weird & risky


couldn’t even see white
instantaneous thesaurus of every conversation
couldn’t even see black
without us to watch it the universe would return no favours

grab switches then brag switching dials then
health spa witch trials
up ‘til late waiting for the fire to go out
up ‘til morning for the black market to open

suburban constellation in daylight robbery
screaming landscape clings to its canvas
progressive album cut into obsidian has its issues
Michaux’s cloud flies of algebraic stagecraft


trope protean quagmire spectral fat
curiosities without content come in swarms
engorged captions swim with spermatozoa
enraged innocents shrink from sham enragés

white lace encased in black ice feeds living slippers
nymph too prettily hard tries being a guinea pig
clichéd truths replaces some predictable lies
contradictory advice slicks lemon

informal Doric reforms shadow in earthquake zone
Apollinaire picks up the Virgin for a spin
ticket tout adventurer has…

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