The Writers’ Cafe Magazine – ISSUE 5 “Love & Music”

Good to be here in such company! Thanks, Marie!

The Writers' Cafe Magazine


by Julia Webb

Brother zoom-zooms in on the back of the moon with his buzz-cut
hair and eyeball bulge and the pound-pound bass and the knock-
knock door and friends troop up-down up-down and the fridge
door open-shut open-shut and beer cans on window ledge balance
and bare legs swing-swing on the flat lounge roof and he say hiss-
hiss go away sis this is big man stuff and smoke leak-leaks from his
nose and laughing swell-swells and spills out of his room along the
landing and oh the boom-boom how it shakes the house and the
bang-bang neighbour at the door and Mum’s car in the drive and
suddenly suddenly hush-hush quiet.

Previously published in High Window

what heart does
by Julia Webb

heart is a small engine of desire
that resides in the chest

love is a slippery eel of a thing
rarely seen and difficult to…

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