Reuben Woolley & ‘broken stories’

Honoured to be the featured poet on Rebecca Gethin’s marvellous blog.

Rebecca Gethin

I know Reuben Woolley wants to strangle me.  He states this here and probably has two good-enough reasons and so, well, if you get to hear of my demise through strangulation you know that any number of people might well use his words as their defence.  So please investigate carefully before blaming Reuben who is the new Featured Poet.


One reason he wants to strangle me is that I asked him to tell us more about his idea of ‘broken’ in his title “broken stories” as I really needed to know what he might mean by this.  I find it very instructive as I myself have always felt that every story or poem is only a fragment and that what we see on the page or hear from a stage is always just the one visible/audible part of a whole …  Reuben pulls this off most brilliantly as you…

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